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Why Intracavernous Injection Therapy?

By the time you finish watching the Advanced Plan videos you'll be able to elongate your sexual intercourse up to one hour and a half. And when you have mastered all the tips and tricks for penile injections the level of your sexual capabilities will be in the top 1% of all men. That's the level of actors of the x-rated movies. And that's not all, you will never become sick

Medical educational video about five hour long erection is below.

with prostate cancer and prostatitis because the penile injection method is the magic men's health-improvement tool you can use for the rest of your live.

Erectile dysfunction.

Intracavernous injection therapy is the most important therapeutic option in different kinds of erectile dysfunction, including performance anxiety, loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction caused by smoking, diabetes, surgical operations, sex abstinence for a long period of time, when viagra is not effective etc.

Premature ejaculation.

Erections produced with intracavernosal injections continue after ejaculations and may last for 2-3 hours after ejaculation. Erection stops after the medication wears off.

Erection management time.

Erection management time with penile injections is 2-3 minutes, i.e. the penis is rigid and ready for penetration and action 2-3 minutes after the self-injection.

On our website you will know about: equipment for penile injections, right areas for penile injections, types of syringes for penile injections and about extremely powerful tips and tricks to simplify the penile injection procedure and to elongate your intercourse. You can see this in our penile injection video tutorials.

Intracavernous therapy cost.

Some of the medications for intracavernosal injections are the cheapest option for erectile dysfunction therapy. The medication called papaverine is as cheap as $1 and 7 cents per intercourse.

Calculate your individual dosages of medications yourself.

How to calculate my dosages of medications for penile injections? Is it difficult?

No, it is as simple as ABC. You can easily calculate your doses of medicines for intracavernosal injections with our online dosage calculators. Watch the educational video below.

Men can do intracavernous injections themselves, without assistance of anybody. They inject a medicine to instantly get erection either at home or night out on demand. The penile self-injection method can be used by men who have no current sexual partners, to make sure that instant and prolonged erections are always available to them.

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Portability of equipment for penile injections.

I would like to take the equipment for penile self-injections with me for dating a woman. Doesn't it take much space, does it?

No, it takes no much space at all. You can put it in a side pocket, so it doesn't draw attention.

What can men do when they go out on a date with a woman?

Medical educational video below is about the intracavernosal injection for a night out

Papaverine solution is the room temperature medication and men can take it with them anywhere.

Men have not to keep it in the refrigerator.

Is it painful?

No, the needles are very fine and short.

This kind of needle diabetic children use every day to inject insulin, and women use to inject botox to remove facial wrinkles.

Medical educational video about the penile self-injection procedure at home is below.

Loss of sex drive.

Intracavernous injection method allows men to achieve a hard erection when they need it, so their sex drive springs up dramatically. As the proverb says, appetite comes with eating.

Performance anxiety.

For men with performance anxiety intracavernosal injection therapy can be very useful adjutant option, accompanying the treatment by psychological methods. It is very important for men with performance anxiety to be assured that they can get an erection at will and in no time.

Components of equipment for penile injections.

What does the equipment for penile self-injections consist of?

Nothing particular: An ampoule or a vial with Papaverine solution, a syringe, an ampoule saw and an alcohol cotton ball.

Watch the medical educational video below about the equipment for penile self-injections.

Did you know...

Many of the medical clinics never tell you that you would have to do your first injection yourself.

Patients tell...

Donald R-s:

"I recently went to one of the well known clinics in my city and was seen by a physician and was tested. First of all they want me to use needles...

...and second of all they want me to pay a thousand dollars to use the medication."

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