Intracavernous self-injections for men's health and life quality.

Why Intracavernous Therapy?

Today intracavernous pharmacotherapy is the most important therapeutic option in different kinds of erectile dysfunction. Erections produced with intracavernous injections usually last for 40 minutes or longer. Intracavernous self-injection method is the quickest method for producing erections in comparison with other methods. Usually producing erections with intracavernous self-injections take less than 2 minutes. (Watch the video below)

Medical educational video: five hour long erection produced in 3 minutes with intracavernous self-injection of 2% Papaverine solution.

In the English language there is a proverb, "The darkest place is under the candlestick."

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In our website you can know about: equipment for penile injections, right areas for penile injections, syringes for penile injections, about YOUR individual safe starting dosage and YOUR individual follow-up dosages (not someone's dosage and not an average dosage), about tips and tricks for penile self-injections and much more.

Intracavernous self-injection method is the quickest method to induce hard and prolonged erections. It is quicker than any other one and allows a man to continue sexual intercourses after ejaculations (climaxes). Some medications for intracavernous injections (such as papaverine and some others) are the cheapest option for erectile dysfunction therapy.

This video about the penile self-injection technique. How to get an erection in 3 minutes.
This video about the intracavernous self-injection procedure at home.

We teach how to prevent possible side effects of lawful impotence (or erectile dysfunction) remedies for intracavernous self-injections each man can buy in any drugstore, such as Papaverine, Bimix, Trimix, Quadmix, Prostaglandin E1, Phentolamine, etc.. We also demonstrate in our medical educational video tutorials how to apply these remedies accurately. We neither sell nor facilitate the sale of drugs.

Patients can do intracavernous injections themselves, without assistance of anybody. They inject medicines themselves at home or somewhere else, according to their own demand. Penile self-injection therapy can be used by men without a current sexual partners, to make them sure that instant and prolonged erections are available for them whenever and wherever they need them. Most experienced patients choose intracavernous self-injections by reason of better quality of erection in comparison with other methods.

For patients with mainly psychogenic functional erectile dysfunction, such as performance anxiety intracavernous self-injection therapy can be very useful adjutant option, accompanying the treatment by psychological methods.

In these patients intracavernous therapy may reduce duration of treatment. Intracavernous self-injections will give the patient greater self-reliance, and will help to reduce fear of fiasco, especially in patients with hard-to-cure or long-standing disturbances.

What do I need to do self-injections?
Nothing particular: An ampoule or a vial with Papaverine solution, a syringe, an ampoule saw and an alcohol cotton ball.

This video illustrates what the other old proverb says,

"Don't have thy cloak to make when it begins to rain."

The patient in this video "has sewed his cloak long before it begins to rain."

This video about the intracavernous self-injection procedure out of the home.

Patients with neurogenic disturbances are especially suited for intracavernous therapy, because oral PDE-5 inhibitors are limited by their mechanism of action and require adequate amount of blood testosterone is necessary.

Efficiency of oral PDE-5 inhibitors after pelvic surgical operations depends on the stretch of nerve defect. Intracavernous therapy is indicated to patients with postoperative erectile disturbances due to lesions of the autonomous cavernosal innervation caused by radical pelvic surgical operations or those with diabetes mellitus and alcoholic polyneuropathy as well.

Lots of our patients from 26 up to 88 years old can get hard erections within 2-3 minutes when they or their wives want to. They do that for years to prevent prostatitis, prostate cancer, back pain, congestive hemorrhoids, to save marriages and enhance the quality of their life. They do not swallow blue pills, they do not use huge pumps. They do not worry, they are happy...

Where are the places on a penis for self-injections?
The places are located on the base of the penis.

How to measure dosages of medications for penile self-injections?
Is it difficult?
No, it is as simple as ABC!


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Is it painful?
No, the needles are very fine and short.
This kind of needle diabetics use to inject insulin.